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Final Project

Lori L. Rook

May 5, 2008


Blogging Basics: An Introduction to Blogging for Classroom Educators


Format: Staff Development Summer Workshop at Watertown School District Technology Academy


Audience: Classroom Educators


Background Information: All K-12 staff has been introduced to Web 2.0 tools through a technology in-service session held in January. This summer session is available as a follow-up and support to those teachers who wish to further their knowledge. Each session at the Technology Academy follows a similar format, including time to work and explore with the support of a session facilitator. A full-day work session is also included in the academy.


Facility/Technology Needs:

-       LCD Projector and screen

-       PowerPoint Presentation

-       Internet Access

-       Page of links to Blogging Tools

-       Extra Powerstrips


Workshop Description:

         During this session, participants will be introduced to blogging and its purpose in the classroom. Ideas for utilizing blogging will be shared and various blogs explored. Safety concerns will be addressed and several blogging tools will also be available. By the end of the session, teachers will have organized a “gated” blog site for use in their classroom. Please bring your laptop to this session.




The participants will:

Š      Explore various blog sites

Š      Share ideas for blogging

Š      Address safety blogging safety concerns

Š      Investigate several blogging tools

Š      Organize a “gated” blog that can be ready to use in their classroom




8:00-8:30             Gathering Time, Credit Information, Introductions

8:30-12:00           Introduction to Blogging

                                  PowerPoint Presentation and Discussions

-       What is a blog?

-       “Lurk” in some blogs, as examples

-       Who blogs?

-       Why use blogs in school?

-       How can I use blogs in my classroom?

-       Safety

-       Laying the groundwork

-       Blogging tools

-       Add to a blog entry—5Rook167

12:00-1:00           Lunch Break

1:00-5:00             Explore and Organize Your Own Blog

-       Explore and select a blogging tool

-       Set up a “gated” blog for classroom

-       Time to work

-       Session Evaluation- District and/or Personal



Personal Evaluation Tool

3-2-1 Exit Card


3—What are three things you learned during this session?




2—What are two ways you can use blogging in your classroom?




1—What is one question you still have about blogging?




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