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CET 728 Language Arts in a Mobile Computing Environment

Lori L. Rook


Class: Language Arts

Unit: Research and Writing

Teacher: Mrs. Rook

•The students will use Sticky Notes for the first time to copy and paste important information from two website resources for a research project.
•The students will use Sticky Notes for the first time to copy and paste website URL’s to use for a resource list at the end of their research project.

•The students will copy and paste two images from the website resources into Sticky Notes, including the URL for a resource list.

5.R.4.1- Students are able to locate and determine the importance of information for use in study and research.

5.S.1.3- Implement proper citing of electronic information in created works.

Anticipatory Set:
Each student is given a real sticky note and will brainstorm ways people use sticky notes by writing ideas on the sticky. These ideas are shared with the class orally and the stickies "stuck" to the display section on the white board.

        The students already have a research topic and are familiar with Internet searching. The students have already searched on their topic and have two sources bookmarked in their browser. A class discussion was held the previous day to determine important information required for the report.
        The teacher demonstrates:

Š      Adding the application Stickies to the Dock

Š      Accessing Stickies and a few of the features- color, font, floating window

Š      Copying and pasting website URL’s using keyboard shortcuts of apple-c and apple-v.

Š      Copying and pasting important information from a website while introducing the importance of attributing information to the proper source.

    Checking for Understanding
        Each student practices copying and pasting URL’s and important information from a website. The teacher circulates among the tables asking questions to clarify understanding and checking that the students have copied and pasted information and URL's correctly onto the stickies.

Guided Practice
During the classtime, each student reads his or her website resources while copying and pasting important information and the website URL. The teacher continues to circulate, providing assistance as needed.

Students turn to their table partner and show their stickies of information. Their partner checks that each sticky has the required information and then accesses the place from the original webpage where the information was originally borrowed.  

Independent Practice
None assigned outside of school. Students continue by accessing their research and stickies during work time at school. This application is used throughout the school year as they work on other projects.

•Internet access
•Stickies software
•LCD projector/Sympodium for teacher demonstration

45 minutes

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