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I chose technology for one of my themes because so many of the MSET courses allowed me the opportunity to grow in my technology skills. It was also an obvious choice because the program is designed around technology. The technical skills I have gained have given me more confidence in the use of technology personally and in my classroom. This confidence also allows me to continue as an advocate for technology integration and the ability to assist other teachers in my school district.

Related MSET Program Goals:

* Students will be leaders in educational technology.
* Students will be current in teaching and learning processes and practices.
* Students will be current in research technologies and designs.
* Students will be knowledgeable of technologies and programming skills.

Related MSET Program Objectives:

* Students will be active in professional organizations in the field of computer education and technology and have an impact on the field of education.
* The educator plans strategies to manage student learning in a technology-enhanced environment.
* Students will be aware of current trends and issues in computer education, distance education, electronic communications, computer hardware and software.
* The educator designs developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that apply technology-enhanced instructional strategies to support the diverse needs of learners.
* The educator has a firm understanding of the principals of operation of the computer system and peripherals. This understanding has translated into the ability to adapt quickly to new technologies as they become available.
* The educator demonstrates continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current and emerging technologies.
* Students will be proficient with a programming language.
* Students will integrate computer software, authoring tools, programming languages, the Internet, and multimedia into curriculum design and instruction.

Project Links
LT 731 Multimedia Production  I really enjoyed this course because of the variety of multimedia tools. I was so glad the focus was not PowerPoint. The instructor was very open to us creating projects we could use in our classrooms with multimedia tools we had available.I had never used Flash to animate graphics so it was fun to create something I could use on my class webpage. Inspiration is another program my students use and I had time to update the research project on Native Americans my students complete in groups. The Inspiration web now includes links and notes and the groups use the web to present their information to the class. I also created an iMovie about the events we study that lead to the Revolutionary War. I was having so much fun that it ballooned into a seven minute show! Thanks, Mark, for being my history expert in the movie. Because of file size, I had to use my MobileMe account rather than the K12 space. I hope it will play for you. If not, please know that it turned out great and my 5th graders are impressed.
CET 751 Computer Hardware and Networking Essentials  This course required the thickest textbook of all the MSET courses! I learned a great deal during this course and really liked taking apart a computer and putting it back together. I also enjoyed some of the grouping and testing techniques Tom used and implemented some of them in my own classroom. My final project was a paper about the Sympodium and Airliner Wireless Slate. I do not have a tablet PC and these two peripherals allow me some of the same methods of use.
CET 721 Web Authoring  During this course, I used DreamWeaver rather than Frontpage. I already use my K12 web space extensively in my classroom, but I did learn some new techniques and how to use frames to design a different web look. Because my site was already in place and very extensive, I haven't made the change over to frames. I'm also concerned that my site might not be viewable by my students and parents at home due to older browsers.


CET 756 Introduction to Instructional Programming  Instructional programming was probably one of the most challenging courses for me. I just couldn't get my head wrapped around why it was a required course. It seemed to be the hard way of doing things. I can make these slide shows much quicker in iTunes and the graded quizzes and activities in Quia. It's nice to know now how the programming was done, and I do appreciate the tools I have on my computer that make it much easier. Cascading style sheets were interesting to learn about and I wish I had learned more about them before I had developed so much of my classroom website.