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The theme of leadership fits many of the courses in the MSET program. As a former technology coordinator/integrationist for my district, I have often been placed in leadership positions as a member of committees, a presenter, and Technology Academy facilitator. Recently I was part of the District Technology Plan Committee. A team of School Board members, teachers, administrators, students, and community members worked together over many weeks to revise and complete a techology plan for the district. The various discussions and view points were fascinating. As a technology leader, I will need to remain current in technology, its uses in the classroom, and ways students use technology, so that I can share that knowledge with others and continue to improve my instruction.

Related MSET Program Goals:

* Students will be leaders in educational technology.
* Students will be current in teaching and learning processes and practices.
* Students will be current in research technologies and designs.
* Students will be knowledgeable of technologies and programming skills.
* Students will be knowledgeable of current, technology-based educational tools and products.

Related MSET Program Objectives:

* The educator has a firm understanding of the principals of operation of the computer system and peripherals. This understanding has translated into the ability to adapt quickly to new technologies as they become available.
* The educator is sufficiently knowledgeable to play a significant role in the identification and acquisition of technology resources in support of learning.
* The educator demonstrates continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current and emerging technologies.

Project Links
CET 720 Evaluating Technology Outcomes This plan focused more on evaluation in order to give ongoing direction to the district about technology. I really like this because so often my district has a plan, but no real way to evaluate to see if the goals are being accomplished. I also believe it is important to think about the audience. Many plans are written, put in a notebook and forgotten about. 
CET 765 Leadership in Technology Change This was one of three technology plans I worked on during the MSET program. Two were for different courses and one was as a committee member for an acutal plan for my district. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with other members of the co-hort. I think it's important for technology competencies to be developed for students and teachers.
LT 785 Research Methods in Educational Change  The statistical portion of this course was challenging for me, but I learned a tremendous amount. While taking this course, our staff had a discussion of homework and its value to elementary students. Coincidentally, I had looked for and researched information on this topic and was able to contribute that to the discussion. I also learned about anecdotal data vs. real data which will assist me when we are presented the "latest and greatest" research-based teaching method.
LT 741 Introduction to Distance Education  Distance learning is a new field to most educators in my district, so my new knowledge in this area means this course also fits in the leadership area. Online learning is very interesting to me and I think it could be used to meet the needs of students who do not fit in a regular classroom setting. When I served on my district's technology planning committee, this topic came up often. Because of my actual experiences as an online learner, I could contribute a different view point to the discussion.
 CET 726 Technology in the Curriculum  I believe this course fits under the leadership theme because of my time as a technology facilitator. I had to be a leader and role model in the area of integrating technology into the curriculum. I especially enjoyed working on the Literature Lure Group Project because of the integration of music, reading, language arts, and composition with the technology. This project is indicative of how I see technology being used in the classroom.