Program Overview





Program Overview

This is my course list for the MSET program. I will be finished the summer of 2008.

Master of Science in Educational Technology

(as stated on the DSU Website)

The Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET) is an instructional technology program designed to meet the rapidly increasing demand for educators who are trained to integrate computer technologies into the curriculum and instruction. As computers and technology have become a significant part of the teaching and learning process, addressing the information needs of teachers has become the key to integrating technology into the classroom and increasing student learning. The primary emphasis of the master’s program is to prepare educators who can create learning environments that integrate computers into the teaching and learning process.

The MSET degree is an advanced degree designed to equip educators to be:
* leaders in educational technology
* current in teaching and learning processes and practices
* current in research technologies and designs
* knowledgeable of technologies and programming skills
* knowledgeable of current, technology-based educational tools and products.

Specifically by the end of the program, MSET students will understand the capabilities of the computer and its impact upon education. They will be proficient in a programming language and in the use and application of computer software and will be able to demonstrate proficiency in using computers and related technologies to improve their own and their students learning needs.
The program integrates a highly technological environment with a project-based curriculum. Its focus is supported by an institutionally systemic belief that there is a substantial role for technology in teaching and learning in all educational environments.