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Lesson Plan

LT741 Introduction to Distance Education

Lori Rook         October 30, 2006


¥Indicator 1: Students are able to apply various reading strategies to comprehend and interpret text.

¥Indicator 2: Students are able to evaluate text structures, literary elements, and literary devices within various genres to develop interpretations and form responses.


¥Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

¥Cessna Aircraft

¥ 5 Basic Survival Skills

¥Taiga Biome

¥Canadian Wildlife Report

¥Map of Canada



Student Actions:

¥read novel Hatchet as assigned

¥access website resources as assigned

¥participate in discussion board topics

¥complete wildlife report

¥work in groups to decide 10 survival items

¥complete evaluations

¥email 5th grade buddies a book recommendation

Fun Activities:

Suggested on the Discussion Board-still in progress


¥Canadian Wildlife Report-typed and submitted over WebCT

¥10 Pocket Size Survival Items in groups


¥3 Quizzes using WebCT

¥1 Final Test using WebCT

Discussion Board Topics:

¥What survival skill do you think is the most important for Brian to learn?

¥Brian thinks about the secret a great deal. What do you think the secret could be?

¥Why is it important to have hope when youÕre in a difficult situation?

¥How did you feel when Brian is rescued so soon after he finds food, a gun, and other provisions?

¥How had Brian changed as a result of his fifty-four days in the wilderness?

¥What lessons do you think Gary Paulsen wants us to learn from this book?

I am envisioning this as a blended unit that my students could work through.

Some of it would be worked on during school time and other parts would be completed independently outside school.

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